Why Learn To Play The Piano?

What are the benefits of not learning to play? Over the last couple of years there has been a surge in people of all ages learning to play the piano. Of all the instruments people are likely to have at home it is a home keyboard or a piano that has been passed through the family.

Many children learn because their parents want them too. Adults learn because they want too.  This passion makes the world of difference. Here are 10 reasons you should start playing now!

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Learn To Play The Piano
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1. Improve Your Memory.

As we grow older are memory becomes less effective. There is a great deal of scientific research showing that piano lessons can improve not only the working memory of children but adults too.  After just six monyths of playing there is a remarkable improvement.

An article in the Educational Psychology Journal links playing the piano with improved reading comprehension. If you want to remember what you read then start learning piano today.

2. Focus and Concentration

Playing the piano is a complex multi tasking skill. You are focusing on reading the music symbols on the page, translating these into pitches, rhythm and volume and then making your fingers play what you see! As you are doing this you are thinking about posture, finger positions, pedalling and much more.  If you find concentrating for extended periods of time difficult then playing the piano can begin to help you overcome this. Few activities engage all areas of your brain in the same way playing an instruments does.


3. Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

Music helps improve both physical and mental health through the expression of emotions. When you play piano you are able to provide yourself with this incredibly powerful form of therapy.  Again, there is much research to support that playing the piano eases stress and reduces depression in adults. Music engages your neocortex which has calming effect and reduces your urge to be impulsive.  Playing the piano also introduces you to a whole new world of musical literature. We tend to match the music we listen to to our mood, includiing when we feel anxious or depressed. Learning music encourages you to listen to uplifting music and music set by your teacher. You move beyond what you ‘feel’ like listening to and avoid or move away from your cycle of ‘dark’ and ‘unhelpful’ thoughts.

4. Boost Confidence and Self Esteem

Playing the piano will build your confidence and you will feel better about yourself as reach small milestones in your learning. It will help you on your journey to overcoming shyness. It’s like public speaking with an instrument. You do not need to look at your audience or use your voice!

Right from lesson one, when you play your first simple melody, your confidence grows. Then you start playing with two hands. Another goal is reached and your confidence grows again. Then you move to the next level of difficulty. You perform your first piece to a family member or group of friends. 

Every small goal you achieve opens the door to another level of confidence. Your self esteem grows every step of the way.


5. Social Benefits

Playing the piano not only improves your mental and physical health, but also connects you to people iin the world around you.

 Do you find yourself scrolling through social media all day long or staring at a screen for long periods of time?  Playing the piano provides an escape from the virtual world. Touch real keys. Hear and feel real sound. Play and hear livemusic. Playing the piano is a sensory and kinetic experience in every way possible.  There is nothing virtual about it at all. 

Learning the piano puts you in contact with other real people, in real space and time. Most importantly, you interact with a real teacher, usually on a weekly basis for 60 minutes. You are also likely to interact with other students musicians, and of course your audience, when you are ready to perform for them.

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Are You Ready To Start Learning the Piano?

Don’t wait for next year. Don’t wait for a time that is convenient. Don’t wait until your are more confident or less stressed or depressed. Start learning now because you:

1. Have a desire to.

2. Might enjoy it.

3. Will discover a happier you and improve your mood.

4. Can prevent the onset or delay Alzheimer’s or dementia.

5. Can find a used keyboard on ebay, Facebook Market place for less than £20.

6. will find someone giving away a free piano on Facebook Market Place.

7. may inspire yourself an others.

8. will discover new music.

9. can  always fill those ‘duller’, boring periods of your daily routine.

10. will prove to yourself that you can do it!



Whether you are five, fifteen, fifty or eighty years old, there are a lot of reasons to start learning to play the piano. So many intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and personal achievments will come your way! There are few reasons, if any, not to start learning.

What is stopping you? Contact me below and tell me. Maybe I can help remove some of those barriers? Choose your keyboard. I will plan the lessons just for you. Start your musical journey with me now.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

If you like this article and want others to read it, then please  share it with your friends online. Have you started learning recently? What made you start? Did you start and give up as a child? I would love to hear your own musical experiences.


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